Plus a Mt Fuji notebook and two adorable plush “bear-istas” dressed in kimono.

As the hanami cherry blossom season approaches every spring, we look forward to seeing what Starbucks has in store for us with its Japan-exclusive sakura-themed drinkware and beverages.

This year, we thought we’d seen it all with the release of two huge collections and the Sakuraful Frappuccino and Latte, but it turns out there was more to come, as Starbucks has just announced they’ll be updating their You Are Here series with an all-new spring version.

The regional-exclusive You Are Here series, which incorporates local landmarks into its design, first arrived in Japan in 2017, with a full-sized mug and compact demitasse espresso cup featuring a dark colour scheme and Mt. Fuji, a red sun, cherry blossoms and a hot spring-bathing monkey.

The series was given a seasonal overhaul with the addition of a travel mug and a new snowy theme last winter, and now, for this year’s spring season, the three-piece collection is being updated with pale pink hues and fluttering sakura petals, set against a field of yellow rapeseed blooms.

▼ From left to right: Stainless Steel Tumbler (4,000 yen [US$35.84]), Mug (1,800 yen), Espresso Cup (1,200 yen).

In addition to the new You Are Here range, Starbucks has some other spring-themed exclusives waiting in stores for customers right now. There’s the Mt Fuji You Are Here Collection Journal Book (1,600 yen), the Japan Bearista Girl, dressed in a beautiful floral kimono, and the Japan Bearista Boy, in formal hakama attire, complete with family crest (4,800 yen each).

All of these new items went on sale today (20 March), so if you’d like to add even more sakura to your Starbucks collection, be sure to get in quick before they sell out!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan Press Release
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