Mizuki Nakano says he is the next step in human evolution.

In September of 2009, Mizuki Nakano decided that it would be an interesting experiment to try and eat nothing but fruit all day, every day. Conventional wisdom would dictate that eating nothing but fruit would be bad for one’s health given the high sugar content and lack of other nutrients. But Nakano noticed that there was no scientific evidence to back up these beliefs.

So, he set out on gradually converting his diet to the point where he would eat only fruit. He wouldn’t even drink straight water, opting instead to get hydrated from the juices of his sole form of nourishment.

However, days turned to weeks and weeks to years, and Nakano’s little experiment evolved into a full-fledged fruity lifestyle. His eccentric diet eventually landed him on the popular variety show Matsuko’s Unknown World, where he gained national notoriety.

Following this appearance, rumors on the internet began to swirl that Nakano had died, finally succumbing to the malnourishment that a seedy habit like his would supposedly create. However, three years later on 17 April, 2018, Nakano made his triumphant return to the same show, not only to dispel rumors that he had died, but to make a startling revelation.

After brushing aside concerns from host Matsuko Deluxe that he looked a little jaundiced and might be suffering from liver damage, Nakano said that not only has his diet sustained him all these years, but he claimed that it had made him the next step in human evolution.

According to researchers who Nakano says studied him, the complete lack of protein combined with a pure fruit diet have caused certain fungi to grow in his intestines that can convert nitrogen in the air to protein. He says the researchers told him that this is completely unique to Nakano’s body and that he is unlike any other human.

Matsuko responded by saying, “Gross.”

It’s truly a remarkable story, and one that can’t help but stir up wonder and disbelief, as comments show.

“He’s superman?!”
“Prof. Nakano is alive! I was really worried there.”
“Wha?! I don’t believe it!”
“That is a superior body if it can produce protein from thin air.”
“I don’t know if this is good or bad.”
“I guess it makes sense. You are what you eat.”
“I wonder if that’s why gorillas are so huge…”

Nakano’s claim appears to be purely anecdotal, however, and I could not find any peer-reviewed (or non-peer-reviewed for that matter) report of this study that was done on him. However, as Nakano originally noticed back in 2009, there doesn’t seem to be any study that covered the effects of an all-fruit diet at all, so this is uncharted waters.

On the other hand, a quick Google search for “protein deficiency” brings up all kinds of chilling dangers, from the swollen bellies you see in children of developing countries to something that looks like the dragon disease that guy from Game of Thrones got.

It’s not something to take lightly, so until there’s some hard evidence that Mizuki Nakano has evolved into a next-level human, I’d advise against adopting an all-fruit diet. However, if you are looking for some great fruit-centric recipes, he’s definitely a reliable source for those.

In the spirit of exploration, I would try it myself…but living in the land of Sushi Kit-Kats and all-you-can-eat sandwiches, I cannot in good conscience pass those things up.

Source: Narinari.com, Hachima Kiko, Ameblo/fruit_mizuki
Featured image: Twitter/@mizuki_nakano