With mosquito season here, Japanese Twitter learns a quick and easy way to deal with the pests.

Summer is here, which means it’s time for traditional festivals, fireworks shows, and beer gardens! Oh, and it’s also time for mosquitoes.

The high humidity of the Japanese summer creates perfect breeding conditions for the winged pests, and nothing is worse than spotting one buzzing around your home or hotel room, just waiting for you to let your guard down so that it can suck on your deliciously nourishing blood. Even worse, mosquitoes have an uncanny ability to fly out of the way as soon as your hand tries to slap them into oblivion.

But Japanese Twitter account @AnTytle has a solution to this problem. Instead of fighting off mosquito invaders bare-handed, @AnTytle suggests arming yourself, though not with a weapon, but a cleaning tool.

@AnTytle recommends using an adhesive hand roller, of the type used to clean floors and other dusty places (and commonly available in 100 yen shops). According to @AnTytle, putting this bit of inorganic matter between you and your insectoid target will keep the mosquito from sensing your body heat or human odor, thereby taking away its advance warning and keeping the bug from fleeing. The account goes so far to say that if you move the roller at a moderate-enough pace, the mosquito won’t notice the threat until you’ve actually rolled the roller onto it, trapping it on the adhesive surface.

Of course, once it’s trapped there, you’ll still have to decide how to end the battle. You could just keep moving the roller and squash the mosquito against whatever surface it was on, or you could grab a tissue, pick it off the roller, and squash it within the paper. Or, if you’re really kindhearted, you could take the roller outside and release the mosquito into the wild, hoping that it doesn’t come back for revenge. If it does, though, at least we know a simple way to reduce the itching from a mosquito bite using a spoon, though.

Source: Twitter/@AnTytle via Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Pakutaso