Netizens are now calling for the arrest of the owner for animal abuse.

There’s a ton of cute ways to have fun with hamsters, and it’s our duty as humans to keep the adorable little balls of fluff happy.

Popular Japanese YouTube channel Ham Ham Exploration Party specializes in videos of hamsters, some of which have been featured in TV programs. The channel’s owner has kept the cute rodents as pets for 24 years, but some netizens have called him out on pet abuse.

▼ Here, he offers one of them ice cream.

A balanced diet is key to maintaining healthy hamsters, mostly consisting of dried grains, vegetables, and fruits. In this YouTube channel however, the owner often feeds his pets stuff unfit for hamster consumption, such as ice cream, soda, miso soup ingredients, dead yeast from Japanese sake, and even raw meat.

These foods are extremely high in sugar or sodium, and frequent consumption by small animals can easily lead to obesity or weakened immune systems. It’s like eating a block of sugar or salt the size of your head every day.

What’s more, he has recorded an astonishing video of him burying a hamster under a pile of snow, with the poor animal trying desperately to escape being entombed in an icy prison.

▼ Warning! The following video may be disturbing for some viewers.

Japanese netizens have launched an online petition to arrest the owner of Ham Ham Exploration Party on the grounds of pet abuse. Started roughly a year ago, the movement has garnered support from over 9,000 people and is steadily gaining momentum.

It’s a shame some pets end up in the hands of extremely careless owners, and we hope netizen voices reach Ham Ham Exploration Party in some way.

Before getting a hamster, or any pet for that matter, it’s a great idea to check the Internet beforehand to equip ourselves with crucial information about diet and health. Take care of them well, and they’ll reward you with their adorable cuteness.

Source: YouTube/Ham Ham Exploration Party via Yahoo! Japan, My Game News Flash
Top image: YouTube/Ham Ham Exploration Party