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Like most kids, I went through a period where I incessantly bugged my parents to let me have a pet, and like most parents, once they said OK, they ended up doing most of the work taking care of it.

Perhaps they knew things would turn out this way, which is why when it came time to choose an animal companion, they steered me towards a hamster. They’re quiet, relatively easy to care for, and pretty happy to stay in their cages, which meant we wouldn’t have one running around the house and tearing up the carpet.

Another thing that makes hamsters great pets is that they don’t take up much space. But if you still think the cute little rodents are just too gargantuan, there’s a way to make them even more compact, at least while they’re sleeping.

First, of course, you’ll need a hamster. When you notice he’s starting to look a little drowsy, pick him up and place him on the palm of your hand (yes, we know the video says “ride a hamster,” but it’s a translation error).

Warning! Do not attempt to ride your hamster, regardless of whether or not he happens to be on a hand.

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Stroke the hamster across the top of its head and body, from front to back. This will help speed up his trip to Sleepy Land.

Warning! Petting a hamster is incredibly relaxing, so be careful you don’t fall asleep before the animal does.

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Like many rodents, hamsters’ bodies are very compressible. As you continue brushing, you should notice the trunk of the body becoming gradually thinner. Keep up your gentle stroking for a minute or so, and the end result should look like this.

▼ Now that’s one relaxed hamster!

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On one hand, the process won’t give it any special powers, so there’s really nothing you can do with a flat hamster that you couldn’t do with a regular one. Still, it does make a very cute animal somehow even cuter, and seeing how relaxing all that petting is, it’s a great way to get your hamster to go to sleep so you can snap photos of its adorable behind.

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Source: Karapia
Video, images: YouTube