Annual celebration of midriff-baring swimsuits takes place just ahead of the start of prime beach weather in Japan.

After several straight days of warm but pleasantly dry weather, rain clouds swept over the Tokyo area on Thursday night. But to keep their spirits from darkening too much, those stuck inside could take sunny-mooded solace in the fact that July 5 is Bikini Day.

Commemorating the public unveiling of the two-piece beachwear garment, Bikini Day is marked with the copious sharing of swimsuit snapshots and selfies, and this year was no exception.

▼ It’s not clear if actress/model Nao Amimiya really needs an inner tube to stay afloat, or just wants to add a dash of cuteness to her photo shoot.

Some, such as TV personality and pachinko writer (yep, that’s an actual job some people in Japan have) Yuri Suzuki

…and model/former race queen Maya Sano

…focused their Bikini Day efforts into individual-photo tweets. Others, though, including Satomi Nihihori

Ayaka Ozaki

…and Kei Inoue

…came to the conclusion that, much like a bikini has both a top and a bottom, multiple images were called for,

▼ More Bikini Day collages featuring voice-actress-turned-model Yuno Mizusawa

▼ …cosplayer Miru Hayase

▼ …and swimsuit model Hikaru Aoyama.

And just like some fans look forward to Bikini Day all year long, so too do some participants mark it on their calendars, such as regular contributors Reku Momoiro

Akira Itsuki

…and cosplayer Saku.

Even the official Twitter account for Sanrio’s lazy anthropomorphized egg Gudetama joined in.

Of course, spend too much time looking at swimsuits, and eventually everything starts to look like a bikini…

…so maybe it’s best that Bikini Day only comes once a year (though if you can’t wait 12 months until next time, a trip or two down memory lane should help tide you over).

Featured image: Twitter/@momoreku