Jurassic Park

“Life-size” Pokémon skeletons going on display to help kids learn about fossils

Pikachu does Jurassic Park cosplay for traveling Pokémon Fossil Museum exhibit.

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The first ever Doraemon ride is coming to Universal Studios Japan this summer

Feel like you’re in the world of the latest Doraemon movie on this new VR roller coaster ride!

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We interview Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Japan

The Hollywood movie stars dish the dirt on their relationship and reveal why Chris has a thing for Japanese TV presenter Koji Kato.

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USJ stops rollercoaster partway through to remove one high school rider who broke the rules

For an amusement park, Universal Studios Japan does not play around.

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Universal Studios Japan reveals plans for record-breaking roller coaster to mark 15th anniversary

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, are you up for a challenge? Soon you’ll have another record-breaking roller coaster to add to your list!

Universal Studios Japan has just announced details of its newest attraction: a roller coaster called The Flying Dinosaur, which promises to have the world’s longest track and the deepest drop ever for a flying coaster!

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Clever Girl… Deadly Bird Escapes Into Japanese Wild

Anyone thinking of traveling to the northern Japanese prefecture of Akita in the near future may want to make sure the power is online first seeing as an adult male Southern Cassowary — said to be the deadliest bird in the world — escaped into the wild early last Friday.

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