Japanese fetish designer wins the war against plain style.

When it comes to the fantasy world of Japanese cosplay, there are no rules or boundaries holding anyone back, with people free to dress according to any gender, age or interest that takes their fancy.

Japanese brand Moira Design is one name in the cosplay world that’s been pushing boundaries in recent years, with Chinese Dress swimming costumes, and P.E. Uniform dresses causing a stir, and now they’re back with a new item that’s set to raise eyebrows: the Military Uniform Leotard.

▼ The leotard is available in three colour variations: black and red, navy and red, and khaki and black.

Each design features a “Napoleon Jacket” style, with a front zip, matte stretch fabric, gold buttons, and gold lapels, making it different to any other leotard on the market today.

Moira suggests adding stockings, stilettos or long boots to the look for a whole new take on the marching band uniform.

▼ Whether you choose to add a whip or an eye patch is entirely up to your own discretion.

▼ The front zip allows you to choose how much cleavage is shown, if any at all.

▼ And to complete the look, the leotard comes with a matching foldable military cap, which comes with a removable badge.

The leotards can currently be purchased at the Village Vanguard online store, where they’re available in small, medium or extra large sizes. Each costume retails for 25,000 yen (US$226.70), and deliveries are scheduled to arrive in mid-February.

Source, images: PR Times