Why dress like a sexy nurse when you can dress like a sexy bunny nurse?

If you’re looking for a new swimsuit this summer, you could always go the conventional route and opt for an everyday one-piece or bikini, or you could go the other way entirely and try out a head-turning design like this one from Japanese cosplay model and designer Moira Design.

Called the Usa Mimi Nurse Suku Mizu, or Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit, this new costume delivers exactly what it promises, with a five-piece set designed to make you look like a sexy nurse-bunny hybrid both in and out of the water.

The beauty of the set is that all the pieces can be purchased separately, meaning you can wear them all together or team them with your existing swimwear so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you won’t be looking like anyone else at the pool.

▼ There’s the swimsuit itself, which comes in black or white and retails for 4,500 yen (US$40.33) each.

Then there’s the high-necked nurse’s top, which features a crossover design, puffed sleeves, and a cross/bunny face logo on the chest.

The white top comes with pink piping and a pink bow on the back, while the black version comes with grey piping and a grey bow.

The cute rabbit-face logo on the top also appears on the hat, which is designed to be worn with the bunny-ear headband, and is sold with the fluffy rabbit’s tail as a three-piece set for 6,500 yen.

▼ The choice of accessories or shoes you choose to wear with the outfit is entirely up to you!

And if you’re wondering who the pretty bunny nurse is, it’s one of Moira Design’s favourite models, Japanese cosplayer Riko Konoe.

The Bunny Ear Nurse School Swimsuit is available to purchase from Village Vanguard, with the entire five-piece set costing 25,000 yen. And to celebrate the new arrival, some of Moira Design’s other eye-popping outfits have returned to Village Vanguard as well, including their sailor suit swimsuit, the boys’ school uniform swimsuit, and the Chinese Dress School swimming costume. That’s a lot of choice to keep everyone entertained at the pool this year!

Source, images: PR Times