Are you this adorable sleeping in a tiny futon?

YouTube is a magical place, and the best part about it is that it’s not just for humans. There are tons of YouTube channels dedicated solely to animals. Some famous ones from Japan include Maru the Cat, who tries to fit into any box presented to him; and Cooking with Dog (R.I.P), where you learn to make Japanese recipes with its canine host, Francis. But, did you know there’s an otter with a following?

This is YouTube channel Otter World’s Chiitan of  (not to be confused with the mascott character of the same name) Chiitan boasts over 75,000 subscribers on her channel that uploads “healing videos” (according to the channel description) nearly every day. Though it’s not the most recent one, here’s a seasonally appropriate video that reminds us to keep warm as best as we can.

▼ In this video, Chiitan falls asleep without a blanket. Oh, no! She’ll catch a cold!

▼ So her owner devises a plan involving a small futon blanket.

▼ Chiitan looks all snug and warm, only…

▼ …there’s that one bit of tail that’s sticking out!

Another popular video is of her taking her first bath in a bathtub. Otters are apparently pretty loud, so you might want to turn down your volume before playing this video!

▼ It turns out to not be so scary after all. Metaphor for life?

And a more recent video is of the otter receiving a Christmas tree! How exciting!

▼ We’re not sure that’s what you’re supposed to do with it, though…

Other channel content includes Chiitan falling asleep on computer keyboards and forcing open a girl’s mouth for unknown reasons.

▼ No, I don’t think you dropped your keys in there.

So if you’re tired of following human YouTubers, consider hitting the subcribe button on an otter! It otter make your 2019 a lot cuter (yes, I did have to use that pun).

Source: YouTube/ツメカワウソちぃたん☆ Otter World
Images: YouTube/ツメカワウソちぃたん☆ Otter World