A new collaboration appears, and we want to catch ’em all.

The love for Pokémon is strong in Japan, where fans can eat, drink, and sleep with their favourite pocket monsters. Now they can tell the time by them too, thanks to a new range of wristwatches from Japanese watch specialist Seiko.

The new “Seiko & Pokémon Special Model” collection includes four different styles and three different Pokémon, with each one displaying cleverly thought-out details and beautiful touches fans are sure to love.

So let’s take a closer look at them below, starting with the Pikachu/Icon Design Model.

Electric types like Pikachu are super effective on water types, and that detail features on the bright yellow watch face, along with a silhouette of Pikachu and a second hand in the shape of its tail. Pikachu’s yellow hue continues on the inside of the watch strap, and if you look closely at the black side of the strap, you’ll see the character’s little footprints.

This model comes with an exclusive case that plays upon the yellow-and-black colour scheme, with character stats and a khaki green nylon replacement strap. And, yes — the case is designed to look like a Poké Ball!

The second watch in the range is also dedicated to Pikachu, and this one is called the Pikachu/Green model.

This chic design features a brown leather strap (also embossed with the character’s footprints) and a gorgeous green watch face inspired by the Viridian Forest. Pikachu can be seen as if in motion, scampering through the forest, and the second hand here is also in the shape of the electric Pokémon’s tail.

▼ The watch case for this model is white inside, and includes a yellow nylon replacement strap.

▼ The next watch in the range is the Eevee model.

This gorgeous watch has the lovely Eevee smiling out at its wearer, on an ivory-coloured background that’s said to be inspired by Eevee’s soft and fluffy fur. The numbers on the watch have been replaced by coloured studs that represent Eevee’s nine evolutions, and the leather strap is also engraved with Eevee’s footprints.

The case for this watch comes with a beautiful image of Eevee, or “Eievui” as the name is sometimes spelled out in Japan, and includes a beige-coloured replacement strap befitting the colours of the character.

 ▼ The final watch in the set is the Mewtwo model.

This watch encapsulates the “dignified appearance” of legendary Pokémon Mewtwo, with a gorgeous purple colour that symbolises its Psychic type. The purple surface has a ripple effect, to mimic Mewtwo’s powerful psychic move, and the leather strap is engraved with the word “Pokémon”.

 ▼ The Mewtwo case, with purple and black details on the inside, and a Master Ball casing on the outside, is absolutely gorgeous!

There are three different designs to be found on the back of the watches, with the Pikachu and Eevee models featuring Poké Ball images (left and middle) below. The Master Ball on the right is reserved for the powerful Mewtwo watch.

▼ And there are also lens cloths for Pikachu and Eevee (left) and Mewtwo (right).

The new Seiko watches will be released into the wild on 11 December, but you’ll only be able to catch them in Japan. These limited-edition timepieces don’t come cheap, with a suggested retail price tag of 30,800 yen (US$296.23), but they’ll definitely be a worthy investment for fans wanting to pair them with their Pokémon dress shirts and luxury Longchamp bags.

Source, images: PR Times
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