The Japanese comedian shows Spain what he’s got and narrowly avoids showing them what he’s got down there.

Perhaps no one in the history of mankind has gotten as much mileage out of the old tablecloth trick than Japan’s Kazuhisa Uekusa, also known as “Wes-P” or “Mr. Uekusa.” By applying the tablecloth to his own naked body, Uekusa has been able to perform on Got Talent shows in the USA, UK, and Italy, to name only a few, since 2017.

His career soared higher than ever at the end of 2018 with a near victory in La France a un Incroyable Talent. Uekusa advanced all the way to the finals and at one point even received the second-highest number of votes. It was as close to total victory that one could possibly get.

▼ Preliminary voting had Uekusa well ahead of the pack with 18 percent, only four points below first place Jean-Baptiste Guégan.

▼ A sad Mr. Uekusa on the final episode.

But as the saying goes; second place is just first place for losers. So, Uekusa is far from stopping and moving on to his next challenge on Got Talent España. Here’s his first-round audition, where everything is in Spanish, but luckily Uekusa’s comedy isn’t bound by language.

His routine is largely similar to that of other Got Talent appearances. I mean, there are only so many ways you can pull a piece of cloth out from under a cup.

However, the pure danger of his act becomes apparent near the end. Just as Uekusa is preparing his grand finale of having the cork from a bottle of champagne pull out a tiny cloth covering his crotch, disaster strikes.

The cork prematurely pops. It’s every naked man’s worst nightmare, but luckily this is Uekusa’s tenth Got Talent appearance and with the steely nerves of a seasoned auditionee, he doesn’t even flinch.

Calling an audible, Uekusa instead pulls out a tiny castanet and manages to keep it precariously over his genitals while yanking out the national flag of Spain from underneath.

It works. He receives a standing ovation from the audience and a majority vote to move on to the next round – only the Spanish counterpart of Simon Cowell, Risto Mejide Roldán, gave el voto negativo.

It’s become undeniable that Mr. Uekusa is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser, and he’s clearly improving with each appearance to the point that him going all the way is no longer an absurd notion. That being said, he still might need a little help, so if I may play armchair entertainment manager, I have a suggestion.

What he needs to do is tweet an Easter-themed teacup video during the later rounds, and then have it get picked up by Norman Reedus again, who should be looking to promote the season finale of his zombie and motorcycle shows around the same time. That added buzz, mixed in with a little luck, ought to give him those few votes needed to go over the top this time around.

Source, images: YouTube/Spain’s Got Talent
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