Animated virtual YouTuber Ai spies on old men in this new ad for miso Cup Noodle.

Kizuna Ai, everyone’s favorite Virtual YouTuber with 2.4 million subscribers, has lent her image to the latest ad campaign for Nissin’s Cup Noodle. In her very first YouTube video where she introduces herself, she states that one of her aspirations as a YouTuber is to appear in commercials, and it looks like her dream has come true!

As well as appearing in three different color variation costumes for this ad on Cup Noodle’s official Twitter account, there’s also a commercial that’s currently airing for the new miso-flavored product, which went on sale on April 1.

The new commercial features Ai being projected into an old-fashioned miso storage warehouse, where she is frightened by an old man slurping down the new miso noodle product with clear enjoyment. Ai recovers from her shock to then spy on several more elderly gents who are clearly workers at the miso factory, who are also enjoying the new product on their lunch break. The contrast between modern, high-tech Japan as personified by Ai, and the traditional warehouse setting perfectly mirrors the marriage between the modern freeze-dried convenience food and the traditional Japanese ingredient that is miso.

We were hoping for some footage of Ai herself slurping down a steaming cup of miso noodles, but, assuming virtual YouTubers actually eat, perhaps she’s a little nervous about the new flavor, even though the old fellows sure seem to be enjoying it! We reckon Ai has nothing to worry about, though… after all, we were brave enough to try Nissin’s “Rare Species Mystery Meat” Cup Noodle and lived to tell the tale!

Source: Twitter@cupnoodle_jp, via Otokomu
Featured image: Twitter@cupnoodle_jp
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