Cat fanatics, this one’s fur you! This new all-in-one moisturizer is designed to look and feel like cat spit.

It’s important to take care of your skin! The skincare industry has been booming over the last few years, and Japan has certainly rode the wave of face-masks and creams with aplomb. Enterprising skincare products need a special something to make them stand out from the crowd, though, and the cuteness connoisseurs at Felissimo have just the gimmick to claw itself to the top.

The lotion is named Pero-pero kedzukuroi all-in-one gel, which roughly translates as “Licky-licky fur grooming all-in-one-gel.” As humans have been known to turn to some pretty bizarre methods to clean their own fur, perhaps it’s not so unbelievable people would want to obtain the same glossy sheen their cats manage from nearly constant tongue-baths.

▼ The adorable artwork on the case is typical for Felissimo

▼ The back of the gel promises hydrating collagen and hyaluronic acid, and that the gel can be used on both face and body without any sticky residue. Whew!

The cases come in a variety of cat breeds: you can pick from gray tabby, tuxedo, orange tabby, brown tabby, ginger-and-white and brown-and-white, and if you purchase them in a physical Felissimo store you can get your paws on a limited-edition white cat print.

But we bought the adorable brown tabby, so let’s take a look inside!

▼ Blep!

Printed on the bottom of the container is a close-up of a kitty’s muzzle, complete with fully extended tongue. You can see it in perfect clarity because the gel itself is clear; Felissimo really committed to the image of cat drool, for better or worse. (The writing on the case specifically describes it as a “cat drool grooming sensation”.)

We probably don’t have to say this, but the act of actually moisturizing yourself in cat spit is…pretty unappealing. Not only are their tongues skin-crawlingly rough, but cats only tend to wash themselves with the finest layer of the stuff, and even then it’s mainly their faces (and wherever they can reach with their paws.) So it’s better to think of the moisturizer as containing the healing power of watching a cute kitty groom itself.

▼ My skin is clearer after looking at this picture.

Because the gel is all-purpose, it can be used in whatever quantity you like, wherever you like, and you can use it on whichever part of the body you like. We went with the classic place to test beauty products: the back of the hand.

▼ The gel contains no scent or alcohol, and feels soft and dewy after application. No stickiness!

▼ It also feels more like a cat’s cold nose than its tongue…

So in short, the Felissimo gel feels absolutely nothing like real-life cat spit…and we, for one, are glad of it. It’s a soothing product that all high-concept cat fans can appreciate, and maybe even your cat will love you more now that your skin is softer, firmer and all the more cuddle-worthy.

Not a fan of cats? We have you covered. Literally, you can get covered in something just as distressing as cat spit, if not more. Make sure to soak it off in the bath afterwards!

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