Now you can have a companion penguin by your side wherever you go!

Ever since the birth of their realistic-looking bunny pouches back in 2016, Japanese online retailer You+More! has been bringing the animal kingdom into our homes with amazing products like smiling seal cushions and deep sea creature bags, all based around a humorous design concept to elicit smiles on the faces of customers.

Now the creative company is making us smile yet again, this time with an item that might just be their cutest yet: the From Egg to Chick to Adult Bird King Penguin Three Variations Plush Toy.

As the long name suggests, this plush toy gives you three times the penguin for your yen, starting off with the humble egg. And given that the plushie has been co-developed with Osaka’s Kaiyukan Aquarium – the world’s largest aquarium – you can expect to find all sorts of details here which are faithful to the real bird.

▼ Unzipping the egg lets you hatch a furry brown baby penguin.

▼ Chick looks real!

And when your baby is ready to grow into an adult, you can take it to the next stage by unzipping the grey zip on the left. Alternatively, if you want to start the process all over again, you can put your baby back in the egg by using the white zip on the right.

▼ Like the baby penguin, the adult penguin comes with beautiful attention to detail.

▼ Take a look at the transformation process in more detail below:

The penguin plushie will be sold at both the Osaka Aquarium and at the You+More online store. The ones sold at the aquarium will come with an identification tag on one flipper, to resemble the birds housed there, while the ones from the You+More site come without the tag.

The plushie was produced using photos and advice from caretakers at the aquarium to ensure all the details and life stages of the king penguin were faithfully recreated.

▼ The penguin can be used as a decorative piece…

Or it can hang from your bag using an attached loop on its back, so you can take your companion penguin with you everywhere you go!

The From Egg to Chick to Adult Bird King Penguin Three Variations Plush Toy, which is recommended for ages of six and above, retails for 2,808 yen (US$25.08). The company also posts internationally from their global website, where the product looks set to appear shortly, alongside their many other cute products we want in our lives.

Source, images: PR Times
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