Does Lammtarra really know how to give us a good time?

One of the things we love about Japan is the random luck of a gacha bag, especially in the Tokyo otaku neighbourhood of Akihabara, where a mystery bag can contain anything from cables to figurines or even tights and slippers.

The only thing that’s guaranteed when you purchase one of these gacha bags, which are sealed so you don’t know the contents, is that you’ll be getting a bargain, as what’s inside is worth more than what you pay for. So when we found a lucky bag in Akihabara priced at 1,500 yen (US$10.19) the other day, we couldn’t resist purchasing it.

▼ Especially as it was said to contain around 6,000 yen of goods.

We bought the bag from Lammtarra, a chainstore known for selling idol CDs, DVDs and memorabilia. However, at the back of the store there’s an over-18s area so there’s a bit of an adult element to it as well.

What would that mean for our purchase, which the store dubbed a “special bag”? There were no images on the promotional poster nor the bag to hint at what it might contain, so it was with one eye closed that we opened the bag once back in the privacy of our office.

Ta daaa!

As it turns out, we needn’t have worried as there was no over-18 content in here. In fact, there wasn’t really anything in the way of idol-related merchandise in the bag either, so let’s take a closer look at what we received.

▼ There was a Re:Zero figurine that fit comfortably in the palm of one hand

▼ And a tamagokake gohan light, which looks like tamagokake gohan (raw egg on rice) but is actually a light-up capsule toy.

There were also some Tom & Jerry key rings and figures, plushies of characters from the Tabekko Animal baby biscuit brand, and a full collection of gacha featuring a shochu distilled alcohol series.

▼ These usually cost around 300 yen each, so receiving all five covered the cost of the bag.

▼ One of the more interesting items in the bag was a collection of four call buttons.

How would we make use of so many call buttons? Well, figuring out how to use mystery items you might never otherwise buy is part of the beauty of a gacha bag, and we’re creative enough to figure out a number of weird and whacky ways to make sure items like these never go to waste!

So in the end, Lammtarra really does know how to show us a good time…just not in the way we expected. It’s a great example of how a gamble can pay off in Akihabara, where you can also try your luck at these creepy vending machines.

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