New self-love queen wants to show what reality is really like but she’s not really human at all.

Recently in Japan we’ve seen virtual YouTubers speak perfect English and offer breast-milk feeding sessions, but now it’s time for the fashion world to take centre stage with a new wave of virtual beings.

Earlier this year, virtual model imma astounded us with her realism and her beautiful symmetrical features, and now there’s a new model to rival her.

▼ Say hello to Meme, who’s proud to shun perfect beauty ideals and remind us all that there’s diversity in what’s considered beautiful.

According to her profile, Meme (pronounced “me–me”) is a young woman who likes art, design and photography, and someday wants to work in these fields. She’s said to have a “punk” character and an emo personality, and although she has a bit of a complex about her freckles and the birthmarks on her forehead and jawline, she positively embraces them as individual attributes.

Her motto is best expressed in her Instagram profile, which states: “Who knows what the VIRTUAL is? I just wanna be f***ing REAL.” It’s a life philosophy that extends to her everyday life, where she chooses to educate herself about the world around her and express her personal views and opinions, rather than turn a blind eye to it all.

Production company Zarbon and Dodoria got together with creative planning and marketing company atali inc. to give birth to Meme, saying they wanted to see an imperfectly beautiful virtual model represent the diverse types of beauty that exist in society today.

▼ Orange hair, don’t care.

Instead of fitting into the cookie-cutter mould of symmetrical features and docile, doll-like beauty, Meme aims to show us all that every individual is beautiful, especially when they embrace themselves for who they are and stand up for what they believe in.

▼ Yes, I read manga on the toilet with my socks half-on – so what? You got a problem with that?

Meme’s posts on Instagram will include her original artworks, and comments about her day-to-day life, with a focus on discussing real thoughts and feelings, in contrast to the shiny comments commonly used by influencers on the social media sharing platform.

It’s interesting to see a non-real being advocating realism and encouraging us to embrace our flaws and individual quirks in a world where virtual beauty on Instagram is just a face-tune away. But as Meme says, she just wants to be f***ing real, and because we are, we should count ourselves lucky and love our real selves a little more each day.

Although we might have to draw the line at sharing photos of us on the loo – we’ll leave that sort of oversharing to Mr Sato, who’s often a little too real for our liking!

Source: PR Times
Featured image: Instagram/meme.konichiwa
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