Floor plan and renter regulations allow you to accurately recreate Shinji’s lifestyle.

Apartment hunting isn’t always the most pleasant experience in Japan, but sometimes you get lucky and come across an astonishingly great find. For example, this apartment boasts a spacious 41 square meters (441 square feet of floor space), but rent is an ultra-affordable 45,000 yen (US$413) a month.

▼ Floor plan for the two-bedroom apartment (kitchen/dining area marked in pink)

Amenities include hardwood flooring, pre-installed air conditioning, and, in what’s either the ultimate selling point or an automatic deal-breaker, interior design that’s taken directly from landmark anime series Evangelion.

While there’re aren’t any direct references to Eva in the décor, the font, color scheme, and hexagonal motifs are all obviously taken from the aesthetics of the Evangelion mecha user interfaces and facility design of Nerv, the alien-fighting organization that the series characters are members of.

▼ Even the kitchen is themed.

The apartment can be leased for one or two occupants, pets are allowed, and even a free parking space is included, which theoretically allows you to recreate the life of Eva protagonist Shinji by shacking up with a roommate who has a pet penguin and a cool sports car.

▼ There’s also a junior high school in the neighborhood, though the realtor is suspiciously quiet about whether or not its students are secretly being groomed to become mecha pilots.

Oddly enough, while whoever decorated the place went all-out with Eva stuff in the kitchen and one bedroom, the second bedroom is completely normal, as are the bathroom and shower area, which makes you wonder if maybe the previous occupants had a stark difference of opinion as to how much otakuism is acceptable in their living space, and this was the compromise they worked out.

Also, looking at the apartment building from the outside, you’d never guess that one of its units has been partially transformed into a secret mecha anime base.

▼ The building was built in 1994, one year before Eva’s TV broadcast debut.

If this sounds like the perfect living space for you, you’ll be happy to know that the Eva apartment is currently vacant, and local real estate agency Lifull Homes is looking for prospective tenants through their website here. Really, the only drawback is that being in Gunma puts you sort of far from Tokyo, but considering what happens to Japan’s capital in the Evangelion timeline, maybe that’s for the best.

Source: Lifull Homes via Yahoo! News Japan/Kai-You via Twitter/@000calimero000
Images: Lifull Homes
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