Who says cats don’t care about their humans?

Haters say that cats aren’t affectionate, but we know that’s not true at all. Why do cats curl up in our laps and purr, or compete for love from a human they don’t even live with?

The truth is, cats crave human love and attention just as dogs do, although perhaps in a different way. Take the Japanese cat E-kun, whose owner has a whole Twitter account reserved just for him (@sweet_ekun). While his owner was working on something at a table, he politely asked for some attention, and when he didn’t get enough, lamented sadly by her side.

▼ “He was making such lonely noises, so I called his name, and he replied super happily!”

In the video, E-kun is seen perched next to his owner, and at first, he gently reaches up with his paw on her arm and gives a dainty little meow, as if to say, “Hey, pet me!”

She obliges him with a quick stroke on the head and back, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for him. He sits quietly for a moment waiting for more, then, looks back up at her and begins a short series of little grumbling “meows” as his tail twitches back and forth, appearing alternately lonely and annoyed. Finally, he seems to give up, until his owner calls his name, and he gives two, happy, smiling meows in response.

Awww, E-kun just wanted some love! Japanese netizens thought the pretty gray-and-white kitty, with his clear green eyes, was super charming, and very smart.

“It’s like he was waiting for you to call him! He’s so cute!”
“E-kun! He was staring at you so intently, trying to communicate with you with his little voice, and then the paw! So sweet!”
“It really does look like he was suddenly happy! His tail popped right up! So cute.”
“That is too cute!”
“He uses his tail and his voice and puts all of his energy into communicating with you! Too precious!”

It just goes to show that cats aren’t the cold and heartless creatures the haters make them out to be. They love their humans and try their best to communicate with them, so much so that some of them even learn to speak Japanese!

Source: Twitter/@sweet_ekun via Hamster Sokuho
Featured Image: Twitter/@sweet_ekun

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