New shades let you see the world through the eyes of Pazu and Colonel Muska.

It’s been a busy week for Ghibli merchandise, with new releases like glass tumblers, fans, and wind chimes making news just in time for the upcoming Japanese summer. Now it’s time for another summertime release to hit shelves, and this one will help shield your eyes from the season’s harsh rays.

Overseen by Studio Ghibli and produced by Tokyo Giga, a retailer that sells anime merchandise displaying fine craftsmanship, these new shades are modelled on the ones worn by two of the central characters from the Ghibli film Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

There’s the Colonel Muska variety, which comes in a boxed set that includes the glasses, a cleaning cloth, and a case to put them both in, along with a pamphlet containing all the information behind the Studio Ghibli x Tokyo Giga collaboration.

▼ The manufacturers suggest these tinted glasses may protect you from the blue light of the levitation stone.

▼ And you can keep your lenses clean with the help of the Laputan robot from the movie.

The Colonel Muska eyewear is said to be an updated version of a previous release, however, these Pazu goggles are a never-before-seen item on the market.

These glasses have thick frames and large lenses to perfect the look of Pazu’s goggles and give them a more practical design for everyday use. As opposed to those rare occasions when we’re out flying planes…

Both glasses are currently available to order online, and those who place their orders between today and 21 July will receive three specially marked coins as a free present!

The Colonel Muska shades will set you back 27,500 yen (US$249.10), plus tax and postage, while the Pazu Goggles cost 32,000 yen. They certainly don’t come cheap, but the high price is due to the fact that they’re both made with high-quality materials and careful attention to detail.

And if you prefer to see the world through the eyes of Porco Rosso the flying pig, his round sunglasses, which were first released back in 2014, are still available!

Source: Pazzy Entertainment Press Release
Images: ©Studio Ghibli
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