This is the definition of “puppy eyes.”

When dogs express emotion, it’s to the max. Take this jumping Shiba inu for example, or one adorable dog’s reaction to a gift of fruit. When Twitter user @yakamashiinu was chowing down on strawberries, they just had to snap a picture of their dog’s face looking sad and almost betrayed at its own lack of strawberries. Some of the life has even gone out of its eyes. But when offered a strawberry

▼ …the adorable face on the right happened.

The pupper’s eyes grew to twice their previous size and filled with hope. “You mean I can have one!?” its expression seems to say. Even its nostrils are prepared, and is that a small doggy smile we see?

The photo has gained a fair amount of circulation on Twitter and even generated a few endeared comments.

“[The change is] so obvious!”
“Its eyes sparkle differently, and it looks like it’s smiling.”
“The rice-looking spot on its mouth is so cute. This healed my heart!”

@yakamashiinu has many more images of this adorable Dachshund in different life situations and has a pretty decent following. While the dog itself is cute, the captions are also pretty humorous at times.

▼ “A dog that doesn’t really eat but has to eat anyway because they’re being watched over.”

There are also shots of the pup wearing its fiercest guard dog face.

▼ “This is the face they make when they’re watching to make sure it doesn’t get taken by its owner.

We don’t know about you, but this dog has stolen our hearts. We even hope it can make an appearance in this dog-walking simulator.

Sources: Twitter/@yakamashiinu via Togetter
Featured image: Twitter/@yakamashiinu
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