Your Name director Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie takes on gorgeous edible form in Tokyo and Osaka.

There’s a lot to like about the anime films of Makoto Shinkai, from their emotionally driven stories to their memorable soundtracks. But really, you can’t talk about Shinkai’s work without talking about how gorgeous they are to look at, thanks to the director’s amazing skill at creating immensely detailed and vivid environments for his anime to unfold in.

So if you’re going to make a themed cafe for Shinkai’s latest movie, Weathering with You, the food better look incredible, and thankfully the minds behind the Weathering with You Cafe are going to deliver on that front.

Without giving two much of the plot away, Weathering with You focuses on two teens: Hina, a girl who can control the weather, and Hodaka, a runaway from rural Japan who winds up in Tokyo. The sky and clouds are a constant visual and symbolic motif throughout the film, and the Secret of the World Acai Bowl, which features yogurt and kiwi, recreates one of the movie’s most memorable moments, when a world atop the clouds is revealed.

Meanwhile, under the clouds there’s shaded matcha in the The Sun is Coming Out Tiramisu, a green tea tiramisu positioned under a cotton candy cloud with “sunlight sauce” on the side.

If you’re looking for something more nutritious than desserts, available entrées include the Teruteru Rice Omelet, shaped like the teruteru bozu dolls that people in Japan have been making for generations as charms to ward off rainy weather, and which becomes the mascot for the weather-controlling business that Hina and Hodaka start.

Other dishes recreate specific foods seen onscreen in Weathering with You, like the potato chip fried rice Hina cooks for Hodaka, the welcome party dinner spread laid out by Hodaka’s coworkers when he gets his first job in Tokyo, and the “Best Dinner I’ve Ever Had in My Life,” which references the freebie hamburger Hina slips Hodaka when he’s borderline broke (though the Weathering with You Café’s burger looks a little more gourmet than the Big Mac Hodaka eats in the movie).

Still, it’s the sweets that steal the show, like the Teruteru Bozu a la Mode pudding with fruit.

The drinks are also a feast for the eyes, with the Whirlwind Cloud Whipped Latte looking like a cup of Shinkai’s signature skies…

…more cotton candy clouds in the forecast for the fruit soda with a cameo by Weathering with You’s stray cat Ame

…and the inviting deep blue of the Skyfish Soda and its panna cotta gelatin.

As is standard for anime themed cafes, each drink order gets you a random coaster with character artwork

…and there’s also an attached gift shop selling a selection of exclusive merch, such as smartphone cases, notepads, and appropriately, umbrellas.

The Weathering with You Café will be operating in two venues, one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka, concurrently, though the Tokyo branch opens on October 8 while the Osaka cafe’s grand opening is on October 10. Both will be operating until November 17. Reservations can be made through the cafe’s official website (Tokyo here, Osaka here).

Restaurant information
Weathering with You Cafe (Tokyo) / 天気の子カフェ(東京)
Venue: Omotesando Box Cafe & Space
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 5-13-2, Pine Under Flat basement level 1
東京都渋谷区神宮前5-13-2 パインアンダーフラット地下1階

Weathering with You Cafe (Osaka) / 天気の子カフェ(大阪)a
Venue: Shinsaibashi Contact
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie 1-6-24

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