Everything on these figures moves, from the eyes to the legs to the segments of the shell!

The beloved and revered 1984 film Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind is considered one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best films. Its anti-war and pro-environment themes have resonated with people all across the world, and though Hollywood has asked multiple times to do a live-action remake of the animated movie, Miyazaki considered it too important a work to be soiled by the likes of the Dragonball Evolution crew.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember the Ohmu, the giant armored insect-like creatures that inhabit the poisoned forests of the world of Nausicaa. If you thought these awesome temperamental bugs were cool, then you will probably want one of the highly realistic Ohmu action figurines that will be released next year, because, well, they’re super cool.

Just look at all the fine details! These Ohmu models are so expertly crafted that they look like creatures that could exist in real life. They’ve got the ribbed, armor-like outer shells; the scurrying, tendril-like legs; and the glistening eyes of the creatures in the movie. It looks like one could come scurrying down the hall to attack you when you kill a mosquito!

Over three hundred parts were used to create this model, which was designed principally by one of Japan’s most famous model designers, Takayuki Takeya, who has previously created a model of another kind of creature from Nausicaa. Using his masterful techniques, this time he’s designed a 3-D version of the Ohmu that’s fully movable, for maximum effect.

Each segment of the shell has its own mobile joint, so they can slide over each other and away from each other, which makes it very flexible. You can twist and bend it into different positions and put it on display, or re-enact the creatures’ movements in the movie and freak out your unknowing family and friends.

What’s more, the many eyes around the front of this figure’s shell can change from their peaceful blue to the red of rage. The jaw and 100 tiny tendril legs are also all completely mobile, so this action figure is truly impressive. Plus, it’s huge, at a length of 230 millimeters (about 9 inches) when fully extended!

The figures aren’t on sale yet, but they’ll be on the market in April 2020, and will retail for 32,000 yen (US$297.50). They’re already up for pre-order on Amazon Japan and Animate.com, so you may want to get your order in soon to ensure you get one!

To get hyped for its release, go see the Kabuki play version in December, watch this amazing fan-made, live action trailer, or rewatch the movie. Then you’ll be ready to appreciate the figure in all its glory!

Source: Japaaaan 
Images: Sen-ti-nel
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