Special terrarium-style Pokémon cup case to be sold at movie theaters with release of new film

Order a drink with a side of Celebi and a sleepy Pikachu when you go to see the latest Pokémon movie!

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Learn about the anatomy of your favorite Sanrio characters with new kimokawaii skeleton toys

Did you ever expect Pompompurin to actually have bones?

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These amazing, super realistic Ohmu action figures from Nausicaa are so worth paying US$300 for

Everything on these figures moves, from the eyes to the legs to the segments of the shell!

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“Manhole Cards,” Japan’s new collectible card game craze features artistic sewer covers

Gotta catch, er, flush ’em all!

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First-generation Japanese Pokémon trading cards to be reissued for the game’s 20th anniversary

Can you hear the excited squeals of 90s kids around the world!?

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We bought a piece of a real, launched rocket for only 500 yen, and you can too! 【Pics】

Do you have any aspiring astronauts, astronomers, aeronauts, or cosmologists in the house? If so, you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect birthday gift for said person.

For only 500 yen (US$4.05), you can now purchase legitimate fragments of a Japan-launched rocket being sold under the moniker uchuu gacha (“space capsules”). In fact, it’s such a good deal that we just had to buy one for ourselves!

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