Miyou is a perfect blend of cat and maid uniform for all of you cat lovers and maid moe fans out there.

Cat, maid, and doll fans, rejoice! Popular Chinese doll brand Doll Zone, known for their anime-inspired whimsical fox boy doll “Miyou,” has partnered with Dolk Station, an Osaka-based online doll company, to offer a limited-edition “Miyou ~Odd-Eyed Maid Cat~ Girl ver. Ltd” doll.

▼ The original Miyou doll on the left and the new limited girl version on the right

This new cat maid doll Miyou is the product of three main concepts: mismatched “odd” colored eyes and makeup, cat ears and tail with a girl body, and an intricate maid outfit. Like the original Miyou doll, girl Miyou is a fully ball-jointed doll who’s ready for display in a variety of adorable feline poses.

▼ Girl Miyou is 29 centimeters (11.4 inches) tall.

Her eyes in particular are exquisitely crafted with attention to detail, including sparkling star gleams, delicate lashes, and blue eyeliner:

▼ Her soft, feminine features also radiate a feline coolness.

“Miyou ~Odd-Eyed Maid Cat~ Girl ver. Ltd” doll is currently retailing for 57,800 yen (US$540). Preorders began being accepted on October 4 on the Dolk Station website for an expected shipping time of April 2020. More photos can be viewed on the doll’s homepage here.

Source, images: PR Times
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