Boring old strawberry or a surprising flavour with an interesting backstory?

Our Japanese-language reporter K. Masami is so dedicated to her Starbucks Frappuccino studies that she commits to buying all the new releases, no matter how boring or ho-hum they may appear to be.

So when she heard the coffeehouse chain would be bringing out a new Strawberry Frappuccino, instead of turning her nose up at the everyday-sounding flavour, she headed out and got in line to try it as soon as it was released on 12 May.

As soon as she received the new beverage, she was mesmerised by its colour. Rather than being a full shade of red, the Frappuccino displayed a gorgeous red-and-white marbling, which is designed to be a trademark look for the drink.

That doesn’t mean it skimps on the sauce, however, as Masami could see some generous chunks of pulpy fruit at the bottom of the cup.

Dipping her spoon into the thick liquid revealed gorgeous flecks of pink throughout the milky base. When she lifted the spoon to her mouth, her taste buds were flooded with the sweet-and-sour flavours of strawberries…and cream!

Looking at the official Starbucks site revealed that this new beverage tips its hat to the strawberries and cream enjoyed by tennis spectators at Wimbledon in England. They’ve certainly done a great job of replicating the flavour of rich cream and fresh berries, and if she closed her eyes, Masami could almost feel as if she were there enjoying the summertime tennis tournament in the famous English town.

▼ This Frappuccino is the next best thing to being in Wimbledon right now.

Part of what makes Starbucks Japan’s new limited-edition releases so special is not just their unique flavours but their ability to evoke emotional responses in those who drink them. Masami found herself getting emotional over the flavour combination, which made her want to travel more than ever and reminded her of sunnier, pre-pandemic holidays.

The new Strawberry Frappuccino might sound mundane, but being able to experience the taste of Wimbledon in a cup at a time when actual travel to the town is largely off-limits makes it far from boring. In fact, the new drink did a good job of healing the hole in Masami’s heart for travel right now, with its comforting, thought-provoking flavour.

If you’d like a taste of Wimbledon too, the Frappuccino will be on the menu until 31 August, priced at 649 yen (US$5.92) for eat-in customers and 637 yen for take-out.

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