Skipping the Shinkansen lets you spend as many nights as you want in off-the-beaten-path Japan.

Japan has a comprehensive domestic air travel network, but a lot of people never use it. Instead, many travelers, especially those from overseas, opt to get around by train, due in no small part to the extremely attractive rail passes available in Japan.

But Japanese airline ANA is getting set to offer a special travel pass of its own, and one that comes with an extremely nice bonus: it can take care of all your hotel fees for an entire month!

The pass, which has yet to be given an official name, is a partnership between ANA and Tokyo-based travel provider Address. Address offers accommodations in refurbished, unoccupied homes and vacation properties across Japan, with clients able to spend as many nights as they want in Address accommodations for a flat monthly fee. The ANA/Address pass will give purchasers access to any and all Address properties, and also four air tickets on ANA domestic routes.

Exact pricing details are yet to be announced, but are expected to be in the 60,000-70,000 yen (approximately US$555-US$650) range, a modest premium over the current 40,000-yen per-month cost for Address accommodation-only service. As an added bonus for independent travelers seeking unique experiences, many of Address’ properties are located outside of major city centers, in communities that are experiencing population declines and could definitely use more visitors.

▼ Some of Address’ accommodation options in Nagano, Hyogo, Tokyo, Fukui, and Tokushima

The ANA/Address pass is scheduled to officially launch this coming January.

Sources: Sankei News via Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko, Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Address
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