The entire Pikachu evolution family is here, plus other fan favorites.

Well-dressed individual that you are, no doubt when you open your closet you see a full rack of pristinely pressed Pokémon dress shirts hanging on the rack, just waiting to be the star of another well-sorted outfit. But fashion extends to the feet, and an important part of any thoroughly coordinated ensemble is the socks.

Luckily, there’s a new line of Pokémon socks, and these aren’t some chintzy for-kids souvenirs from the 100 yen shop. These are proper grown-up quality socks from Socks Appeal Japan.

▼ Yes, Socks Appeal. We don’t give the companies pun-based names, we just report on them.

A total of 12 designs are on offer, featuring nine different Pocket Monster Species. The numbers don’t match because Pikachu gets multiple versions, but we can’t imagine anyone complaining about seeing more of the franchise mascot.

That’s not to say Pikachu is trying to hog the spotlight, though. In addition to his single-species dark navy, gray, white, and navy socks, Pikachu also shares space with his evolved form, Raichu, and pre-evolved form, Pichu, on two other designs (unfortunately, Gorochu’s non-canon status means he’s left out).

▼ This is also a good time to remind everyone that we’re going to see Ash’s Pikachu as a baby Pichu in an upcoming Pokémon anime episode.

Moving away from the Pikachu family tree, marketing darling Eevee is, of course, represented…

…as is the original starter trio of Bulbasaur


…and Squirtle.

Rounding out the lineup are mysterious Mew

…and pretty-pink Purin, or Jigglypuff, to use the Pocket Monster’s alliteration-busting English-release name.

The Pokémon socks are made from a cotton blend (67 percent cotton, 26 percent nylon, four percent polyester, and three percent polyurethane) and can be ordered online here directly from Socks Appeal, where they’re priced at 1,650 yen (US$15) a pair, or purchased at branches of lifestyle sore Loft’s Shibuya, Ikebukuro, or Kichijoji branches in Tokyo, or its Yokohama, Kyoto, Kobe, or Umeda (Osaka) locations.

Source: Socks Appeal via Fashion Press
Top image: Socks Appeal
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