Designed to look like an illuminated Christmas tree.

With Christmas now just over a month away, the holiday season is well and truly underway at Starbucks Japan. And after already selling out of their first Christmas drinkware range and serving up the first festive Frappuccino of the season, the global coffeehouse chain is back with their second set of limited-edition drinks for the holidays, called the Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino and the Nutty White Mocha.

For the 2019 holiday season, Starbucks is aiming to create drinks that help customers enjoy special “moments”, and these two new beverages are said to resemble the instant the Christmas tree lights are switched on.

The three differently coloured chocolate dragées sprinkled on top of each drink glisten in the light to recreate the fun sparkling moments of Christmas, while the whipped cream toppings are said to mimic the shape of a Christmas tree on which the lights are displayed.

The Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino combines milky white chocolate with fragrant hazelnuts to create a gentle, sweet beverage, while roasted walnuts and crunchy shortbread are added for a fun textural accent.

The Nutty White Mocha contains the rich flavour of white chocolate, hazelnut sauce and fragrant espresso, and this mixture of nuts, milk, and coffee is said to be perfect for the cold winter season.

Both new beverages will be available at Starbucks stores around the country from 22 November until Christmas Day, the same period the new holiday season drinkware collection will be in stores.

The Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino will be available in a tall size only for 590 yen (US$5.43) plus tax, while the Nutty White Mocha will be sold in Short through to Venti sizes from 450-570 yen, plus tax.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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