Crazy-thick, amazingly warm tights from Japan look just like a pair of sheer stockings, unless you see them inside out.

Winter is here, but in Japan fashion is a four-season endeavor. So with the temperature falling our Japanese-language reporter Natsuki’s concerns were growing.

See, Natsuki likes wearing skirts, but what she doesn’t like is freezing to death blow the waist. At the same time, she doesn’t really like the frumpy look of super-thick leggings.

Ideally, she’d like something that can keep her legs warm while still looking like a more or less regular pair of sheer pantyhose, and when she found such an item being offered by Japanese apparel maker Bruck, she quickly ordered a pair to try out.

Now, looking at the picture above, you might be asking how anyone would ever be fooled into thinking those are regular pantyhose. However, that fuzzy fabric, which feels like a soft teddy bear to the skin, is actually the inner surface of the tights. On the other hand, the outer surface…

…is pretty much indistinguishable from a standard pair of stockings! As a matter of fact, despite a 1,200-denier fiber thickness (some tights are only 80), Natsuki has spent the entire day wearing these around friends and family without anyone noticing anything unusual about them.

▼ Another nice design feature is that the tights become thinner below the ankle, so that you can walk normally in your regular shoes.

And so Natsuki is set to face the colds of winter feeling as warm as if she’s got a blanket wrapped around her legs whenever she goes out. If you’d like to copy her style, Bruck’s tights can be ordered here on Rakuten for 1,880 yen (US$17.50), and look like the best way to spend the season short of just parking yourself inside a Japanese kotatsu table until spring.

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