Seriously–its name sounds like it could be a villain from Trigun.

Only three weeks after delivering the Cheeseburger Gelände in January, Burger King Japan is ready to release its second monster cheeseburger creation of the year on February 17–King Yeti the One Pounder. True to its name, the burger tips the scale at 507 grams (1.12 pounds) and packs a staggering 1,495 calories.

▼ Depending on your typical calorie intake, that might mean you don’t have to eat again for the rest of the day. What a great time-saver!

In terms of composition, King Yeti the One Pounder features four of Burger King’s signature flame-broiled beef patties stacked in a toasted sesame bun along with six slices of Gouda cheese, a white sauce made from a combination of Parmesan and camembert cheeses, and freshly sliced onions and pickles for some flavorful accents on top.

▼ Is it called “Yeti” because up until now the mere thought of such a delicious burger was too mythically divine, or because this is what Yetis eat every day?

Thankfully, you can order your burger to be cut in half so that it’s easier to pick up (not that that’s ever deterred us from a gastronomic challenge before).

Those who order the burger during its limited-time run will also receive a special sticker to commemorate their achievement (while supplies last).

King Yeti the One Pounder is now on sale at Burger Kings throughout Japan for 2,190 yen (US$16.30) by itself or 2,490 yen as part of a set meal with French fries and a drink (both medium size).

I, for one, am anxious to see how the cheeseburger tastes in real life. I’ll also be on the lookout to see if King Yeti the One Pounder joins the likes of Vash the Stampede, Dominique the Cyclops, or Midvalley the Hornfreak in the reboot of Trigun that’s currently airing.

Source, images: PR Times
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