You won’t find another teriyaki burger like this one in Japan.

With the first word in its name standing for “Mountain, Ocean, Sun”, Mos Burger has always placed importance on fresh vegetables and locally sourced ingredients.

Now, the Japanese burger chain is increasing its focus on natural ingredients, by adding a new type of plant-based burger to its menu, and this one comes with the sweet, salty Japanese flavour of teriyaki.

This new burger builds upon the Mos Plant-based Green Burger, also known simply as the “Green Burger”, which debuted as the chain’s first all-vegan burger in March last year.

▼ The Green Burger contains no animal-based ingredients.

The patty inside the Green Burger is made with soybeans, cabbage, konnyaku, and shiitake mushroom extract, while the green buns get their colour from spinach puree, which has been blended with soy milk to provide a thick, fluffy texture.

Inside, you’ll find lettuce and a thick slice of tomato, and because it doesn’t contain any spring onions, leeks, garlic chives, garlic or onion, it’s a good burger for Buddhists, as these five vegetables are prohibited in strict Buddhist diets (when eaten raw, these vegetables are believed to increase anger, and when eaten cooked, sexual desire).

While the original Green Burger contains a tomato sauce flavoured with carrots, herbs and burdock root, Mos Burger has now developed a specially made plant-based teriyaki and green mayo sauce so that vegans can enjoy a different twist on the plant-based burger.

▼ The Green Burger <Teriyaki>

The teriyaki sauce contains sugar beet for sweetness, and is finished with mustard and black pepper to give it a delicious and rich flavour without the use of animal ingredients. The Green Mayo Sauce, which matches the Green Burger in colour, is made with edamame soybeans, which provide a richness to replace the eggs, which are usually the main ingredient in mayonnaise.

▼ The Teriyaki and Green Mayo sauce will come separate to the Green Burger, in a dispenser pack so that customers can control the flavour.

The Green Burger <Teriyaki>, as it’s being called, will go on sale at Mos Burger stores around Japan from 22 September, priced at 580 yen (US$5.28).

According to the chain, this new burger will replace the the original “Green Burger”, which will no longer be on the menu, but don’t despair! Given that the teriyaki sauce will be served separately, the Green Burger is still technically available, despite it being officially off the menu.

With Mos Burger’s increasing dedication to plant-based options, we’re hoping one day the chain will be able to offer vegan options for limited-time releases like their Mac and Cheese Burger. Because that really was a divine combination everyone should be able to enjoy!

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