It’s the best of both worlds – and it’s super cute!

You may have already been excited about the world’s first official Doraemon store opening earlier this year, but as of December 26th you can purchase brand-new collaboration goods featuring Doraemon and Hello Kitty, the two most popular cat characters in Japan.

Most of the merch features both characters sporting accessories of the other; Doraemon dons Hello Kitty’s bow as a bow tie, and Hello Kitty wears Doraemon’s bell collar around her neck.

This marks the fifth “DoraKitty” collaboration since 2015, and this round of goods includes everything from tote bags to mugs, pens, and stationery sets.

▼ How cute is that bell and bow charm hanging off the pen?

Other tie-ups between the two characters’ accessories and items include Doraemon with Hello Kitty’s favorite food, apples, and Doraemon’s beloved dorayaki snack topped with Hello Kitty’s hair bow.

▼ And how about that iconic Dokodemo Door with the bow?

This round of goods is especially cute and relaxing as it features a palette of mainly pastel colors. They make adorable gifts for kids, yet they’re low-key enough for adults to tote around without feeling like they’re being too showy.

▼ How many compliments do you think you’d get on that handheld mirror?

You can purchase the items through Sanrio’s online shop here, and if you’d rather pick them up in person, they’re also available at brick-and-mortar Sanrio shops and Sanrio corners of other stores.

Source, images: PR Times
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