This was probably the best purchase we made at the end of 2019.

When the SoraNews24 team heard about this year’s Pokémon/Mister Donut collaboration fukubukuro (or “lucky bags”) being sold ahead of the New Year, we just had to get our hands on one. There were three options priced at 1,100 yen (US$10.11), 2,200 yen, and 3,300 yen; and since you know SoraNews24 likes to go big or go home, we went with the 3,300 yen option.

Maybe it’s due to the recent release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, but when writer Tasuku Egawa went to pick one up from his local Mister Donut branch, there was already a huge line out the door.

▼ Since there were only a limited number of each lucky bag being sold daily between December 26-31, you can probably understand why.

The 3,300 yen fukubukuro weren’t actually available in a bag; they were in a cardboard box. That’s how jam-packed they were! If you’re interested in what each bag contains, you can check out our previous article.

The first goodie is this 2020 Pokémon calendar, which features the three starter Pokémon in Sword and Shield (Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble).

Each page of the calendar features different Pokémon along with seasonal items such as January’s kagami-mochi, one of Japan’s traditional New Year’s dishes.

The next item is the clear file. Out of the two designs, we got this adorable one that shows first-gen starters and the latest starters happily dozing on donuts.

And here’s the masking tape we got, which blocks out each Pokémon with a different background color.

We also loved our tote bag that juxtaposes starter Pokémon with traditional Japanese New Year’s symbols on a neutral background.

Compared to the Eevee blanket we got in last year’s Pokémon/Mister Donut collaboration bag, we’d say this year’s is much more colorful. we got the blanket that has the same design as our clear file.

And for the grand finale, here’s the day planner that’s only included in the 3,300 yen fukubukuro.

We were surprised to find that it includes two full pages of coupons inside! We knew it would come with 20 coupons, but we didn’t know they would be inside the planner itself.

We got all this for the same price as about 30 donuts, so we’d definitely say it’s a steal in terms of price. If you missed the cut off this year, we’d say there’s a high possibility they’ll be offered again next year!

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