The closest thing to a Starbucks chocolate bubble tea Frappuccino yet.

Given the bubble tea boom that’s come — and, some would say, gone — from Japan recently, one thing that’s constantly puzzled us is why Starbucks hasn’t yet jumped on the trend.

While we continue to patiently wait for a Starbucks boba tea to be released, we’ve been like thirsty meerkats, bobbing our heads up, eyes-wide, at any mention of a milk tea release. So when we heard that Starbucks would be bringing out a Chocolate with Milk Tea Frappuccino, we dropped everything and scurried over to our nearest branch to see if it would satisfy our bubble tea cravings.

Called the Chocolate with Milk Tea Frappuccino, this new dessert beverage is a limited-time offering to coincide with Valentine’s Day, and as soon as we entered the store, we saw it staring at us seductively through the advertising screens. When we got our hands on it, we truly fell in love, as it looked just like a chocolate chip bubble tea, only without our beloved boba balls.

Sexy music began to play in our minds as we inspected the delicate dusting of cocoa powder sitting on top of the frothy white cream topping.

As we cast our gaze down its thick body, we could see its creamy tea tones glistening with tiny chocolate pieces.

It had a sweet aroma that beckoned to our lips, which quivered as we closed our eyes and brought it towards us. One mouthful is all it took to send us into ecstasy, as its milky, chocolatey syrup melted on the tongue, leaving a sweet scent on the lips as the fragrance of milk tea lingered with a long and lasting finish.

As the main component of the drink is milk blended with several different kinds of tea, the Frappuccino had a really fantastic milk tea flavour. It was deliciously tasty and refreshing on its own, but we couldn’t help wishing we’d brought along some boba balls to give it some bubble tea flair.

Still, it was the closest we’ve come to enjoying a Starbucks chocolate chip bubble tea Frappuccino, and we highly recommend giving it a try before it disappears from the menu on 31 March. Now it’s time for us to go back to writing about things like meerkats on the streets of Ginza, instead of actually acting like human-sized ones in the office.

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