Pikachu used…elbow drop?!?

Pikachu has had many jobs in addition to being the face of the Pokémon franchise. He’s been a detective, a salaryman, and even a cupcake baker.

And now the lovable Electric-type looks to have progressed into yet another career field: professional wrestling.

However, this isn’t the Pikachu that fans of the anime series have watched travel with human pal Ash/Satoshi for the last few decades. Instead, the wrestling Pikachu is named PikaDude (@OGPikadude on Twitter), and can be found climbing into the ring at matches organized by New Texas Pro Wrestling in the U.S.

▼ However, the crowd here still chants “Pikachu!” not “PikaDude.”

Apparently New Texas Pro Wrestling’s rules prohibit PikaDude from using his species Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, or other lightning-based attacks. He can however, use his surprising brute strength to just pick a dude up and fling him around.

▼ He also seems to have put a plastic bag over his opponent’s head here, showing an unexpected depth of merciless brutality for such a cute-looking combatant.

However, Pikachu isn’t impervious to damage, as shown here where another wrestler pelts him with a Charmander plushie.


And while in-game Pikachu are weak against Ground-type Pokémon, PikaDude has another weakness: getting kicked right in the face.

Still, PikaDude’s tenacity has won him at least one battle royale, and in impressive style.

However, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before PikaDude finds himself entangled in a professional identity beef, and not just because of Nintendo’s famously active copyright lawyers. There’s also the fact that PikaDude’s Twitter handle is “Original Wrestling PikaDude,”and while he does seem to be the first male representative of the species in the pro wrestling world, there’s already an official female pro wrestler Pikachu, who’s been smacking down fools since 2015, and a one-on-one grudge match to determine who’s truly the strongest Pikachu wrestler is something we’d be very interested to see.

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