That we could all so effortlessly swoop away from our problems!

Who else has been desperately scouring the Internet for cat videos? Like, more than usual? I thought so. Nothing brings us together in times of crises like a video of a small furry creature doing something silly or adorable or both.

Twitter user @pomm0112 is doing their part for the feline film effort by posting an especially precious clip, featuring cat acrobatics (catrobatics?) like none we’ve ever witnessed before.

“Here’s my clever kitty, who escapes whenever you put it inside a bathroom.”

In the video the cat, An, leaps up along the door frame and then sticks its leg out to propel it far away, snugly anchoring itself into the handle of the bathroom door in the process. As the door opens, its weight balances forward and tips it into a graceful forward lunge, where it lands on all four paws and trots away without a care in the world.

An has already won hearts across the world wide web, due to the tweet’s rapid and intense spread. At the time of writing the video has over 75.6 thousand retweets, and shows no signs of slowing down. While many replies complimented An’s dexterity and flexibility, others used the video as support for the popular hypothesis that cats are secretly composed entirely of liquid. We can all agree on one thing: An is incredibly cute.

“Cats are definitely made of water. Funny, since they can’t stand the stuff.”
“You’ve got a really clever cat there.”
“It bent its body into a perfect tsu (つ) shape.”
“Reminds me of that scene in Terminator 2 where he’s firing a gun while riding a motorbike…”

Someone also likened An to the icon sometimes used by the cosmetic company Kao Corporation, and provided evidence.

“Now that’s a Kao moment.”

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Source: Twitter/@pomm0112 via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@pomm0112

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