Roland, “King of the Hosts”, shares his morning routine on YouTube.

Grooming and appearance can be a bit of an obsession in Japan, where women aspire to reach the weight of a Cinderella princess and dramatically different before-and-after transformations show that even the girl-next-door is a dab hand at makeup wizardry.

For the men and women working at host and hostess bars in Japan, though, spending time on your looks isn’t just a personal pleasure, it’s a necessity. In this industry, the more clients you attract, the more money you’ll make, and Japan’s top-earning host, Roland, invests a lot of time and money on his money-maker.

Roland works out for hours in the gym every day, and openly admits to spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery. This is small change to the 27-year-old, however, as it’s helped him earn the illustrious title of “King of the Hosts” after he raked in 42 million yen (US$381,000) in one month for the Platina host club in Tokyo’s Kabukicho.

With an estimated income of 300 million yen ($2.7 million), there are a lot of people who are interested in Roland’s luxury lifestyle, and now he’s giving us a peak into his morning routine with a new video on YouTube, which has already attracted close to 2 million views.

So, does the “King of the Hosts” emerge, hands crossed over chest, vampire-like from a hermetically sealed chamber every morning? Does he discard his toothbrush after brushing his teeth because it’s like chewing on day-old candy? One of those things is actually true, so take a look at the video below to find out more about what it’s like to live a day in the life of a rich Japanese host, complete with English subtitles.

As it turns out, the Host King doesn’t actually sleep in a sealed chamber, but he does sleep with a humidifier set to 70-percent humidity throughout the night, so it’s “Like the Amazon rainforest” and he never catches a cold.

The first thing Roland does after waking up and checking the weather is brush his teeth with a disposable toothbrush. Why disposable? Because “You would be unwilling to eat a candy which you sucked the day before.”

He brushes his teeth in a room with a huge mirror, and while he acknowledges that everything about him is beautiful, he pays special attention to maintaining the beauty of his teeth each day, as he receives many compliments on them.

After cleaning his teeth, it’s time to move on to hand-care, with Roland carefully filing his nails and applying Jo Malone cream to his hands. He says he wants to keep his hands soft and beautiful for when he shakes hands with his fans, and laments over the fact that weight-training has a tendency to roughen the skin on his palms.

Then he mixes some EAA, essential amino acids, into a drink to avoid losing muscle mass, and gazes at a relaxing beach scene on his television, which runs non-stop even when he’s out or sleeping.

Then he stretches in front of the fireplace, which he uses in winter over a heater because it emits steam, and heads into the kitchen to make breakfast. After reaching into his perfectly arranged cupboards for a plate, he reaches into his perfectly arranged fridge for the ingredients to whip up an “acqua pazza”.

▼ Breakfast of kings, or should we say Host King.

As he gazes out at the view of Tokyo after eating his breakfast, it becomes clear that Roland hasn’t once looked or even held his smartphone since he woke up. This is when he reveals he has his smartphone locked from 3 a.m. to 3 p.m., and he can’t unlock it as he asks someone else to set the password for him.

Roland then goes out for a stroll around the glitzy Midtown district of Roppongi before a private workout at the gym, where the clip ends with him lifting weights with his sunglasses on and not even breaking a sweat.

Thanks, Roland, for making us all look and feel like lazy sloths for our own morning routines, where we throw some clothes on and run out the door with barely a minute to stop and look in the mirror.

With so many of us currently working from home and self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic, now might be just the time to steal some tips from Roland’s morning routine and adapt them into our own.

Now to find one of these humidifiers

Images: YouTube/THE ROLAND SHOW【公式】
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