Adorable fitting guide for Manner Wear for Cats includes tips on how to make the experience fun for your kitty too.

They say that cats always land on their feet, but something they’re not always so reliable about is doing their business in the litter box. Whether due to age or other health issues, cats sometimes have accidents, and so Japanese pet supply company Unicharm recently released Japan’s first-ever cat diapers.

Perhaps in delicate deference to their wearers, Unicharm officially calls them “Manner Wear for Cats” and refers to them as “absorption garments.” Available in an optional faux-denim pattern, Manner Wear for Cats is both helpful and cute, and Unicharm has now released a video with tips on not only how to securely fit the diaper, but to help keep your kitty happy about wearing it.

To start, unfold the diaper after taking the diaper out of the package. Manner Wear for Cats has a hole that goes around your pet’s tail, and the opening is perforated to accommodate larger sizes, so make any tears you need to before you put it on. Another thing to do before putting the diaper on: give your cat a treat.

Unicharm says this will help keep your cat contentedly distracted while you perform the fitting. Once the munching starts, head around to your cat’s backside and slip its tail through the hole. If you’ve widened the tail hole, make sure that after the diaper is on, the flaps from the hole are on the outside, since they can cause discomfort if left on the inside.

At this point, you’ll have half the diaper resting on your cat’s back. The other half will be trailing down between its legs, with covered strips of tape on each side. One at a time, peel back the covers, wrap the sides of the diaper up from the animal’s stomach to its back, and tape the diaper in place.

And with that, the diaper is on. That doesn’t mean your role is finished, though, because as Unicharm importantly informs us, right after the fitting you should get out some toys and play with your cat!

That’s because if your cat isn’t accustomed to wearing a diaper, it might start fussing, but a little entertainment can help keep its mind occupied and its mood happy long enough for it to get used to the sensation.

Depending on your cat’s personality, Unicharm also recommends holding your cat on your lap as you fit the diaper or working as a two-person team with someone keeping both the cat’s front and back ends secure. Oh, and don’t worry – even once your kitty becomes totally used to wearing a diaper, you can continue the tradition of going straight into playtime after each and every fitting.

Source: Unicharm, YouTube/Unicharm Japan
Top image: YouTube/Unicharm Japan
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