Mos Burger’s new “Tobikiri Avocado Croquette Burger” teaches us how great potatoes are

Lots of vegetables are all well and good, but when it comes to a burger, it’s gotta come with potatoes!

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Japanese confectionery store Toraya serves up a surprising meal in Paris

Wagashi suppliers to the Imperial Family offer a different experience to customers overseas.

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Häagen-Dazs Japan tells us to put ice cream on our avocado toast — Were we wrong to listen?

Ordinarily, we’d say there’s never a bad time for ice cream, but does that include the exact moment you’re eating a slice of avocado toast?

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Avocado Tiramisu Cake: Japan’s newest must-try dessert

Sell-out cake from popular Japanese cafe chain presents a new frontier for avocado.

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We try Burger King Japan’s CooKING Burger @Home, use up lots of stuff in our fridge

The best thing about Burger King’s home delivery? You get to decide how much avocado is too much avocado.

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Häagen-Dazs Japan recommends ice cream with tomato and avocado, so we trust them and try it

But do we regret it?

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Avocados and ice cream: the newest gross food trend hitting Twitter in Japan

A while back we reported that Japan’s Twitter users couldn’t stop eating peaches with mozzarella cheese. We were creeped out at first, but the flavour combo even made its way into the legitimate snack companies’ repertoire, so there must have been something in it. This time, however, it seems the crazy tastebud thrillseekers out there have gone a step further by combining vanilla ice cream with avocado (and occasionally, even soy sauce).

But why would any sane person do this, and what does it taste like?

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Tokyo restaurant’s awesome pickled avocados contain 30 years of flavor

Recently, we dined on a gigantic, gooey, and glorious cheeseburger. We were glad we did, but honestly, in one sitting we consumed enough beef to last us a week.

So for our next meal out we decided to head for the opposite end of the dining spectrum in both ambiance and ingredients, and headed to a different part of Tokyo to try their pickled avocados with a flavor that’s been over 30 years in the making.

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