Get ready to enjoy stylish non-alcoholic beverages and vegan bites in a chic setting on your next night, or morning, out. 

While drinking alcohol is a common social (and at times professional) activity in many parts of the world, people who either can’t drink or choose not to drink are often left feeling uncomfortable when their friends or coworkers ask “Wanna go out for a drink?” Fortunately for those living in Tokyo, an exciting new locale is about to open which serves sophisticated drinks in a cosmopolitan setting–the major perk being that none of them contains a single drop of alcohol. 

Owned by a company called The Human Miracle, 0% Non-Alcohol Experience will open its doors on July 16 in Tokyo’s affluent Roppongi district. The bar will serve up over 20 non-alcoholic drinks and small food bites which are sure to please in both visual and gastronomic senses.

The drinks themselves are works of art and much classier than standard non-alcoholic soft drinks. Examples in the photo below include “A Real Pleasure” (mixed with fruits and fresh basil), “Goldentree” (cold brew coffee with fresh grapefruit), and sparkling kombucha. Demonstrating the care and quality that the owners took in designing the drinks menu, note that a portion of the offerings was crafted by Shingo Gokan, a legendary Japanese bartender who owns three bars on the list of the World’s Best 50 Bars.

The menu also features a selection of small food bites that are all vegan under the concept of “junk food without the feelings of guilt.” Examples below include the vegan quesadilla with fried avocado and the CBD chocolate brownie.

While the drink and food items may be the most salient aspects of the new establishment, the bar’s minimalist interior inspired by outer space is also nothing to overlook. Its interior design and artistic direction were led by Japanese graphic artist YOSHIROTTEN’s creative studio YAR and its layout by TATO DESIGN. One room is even reserved for use as a gallery space and will feature rotating displays of art in various forms.

Imagine yourself lingering in this environment with friends or alone for some self-relaxation during either the day or night.

With Roppongi’s reputation as a center of night life in Tokyo, hopefully the addition of 0% Non-Alcohol Experience in the area can also dispel the notion that alcohol is a prerequisite for having a good time–and both drinkers and non-drinkers alike can imbibe delicious offerings to their hearts’ content.

Bar information
0% Non-Alcohol Experience
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 5-2-4 ANB Tokyo Building, 1st floor
Open 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Source, images: PR Times
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