Dresses inspired by all three of Sailor Moon’s identities, plus multiple Tuxedo Mask tuxedos, are available now.

A lot of things we were looking forward to this summer got cancelled or postponed. One thing that’s happened right on schedule, though, is the roll-out of the brand-new line of Sailor Moon wedding dresses.

You can thank Tokyo-based bridal fashion provider Mariarosa for these eye-catching, jaw-dropping designs. The company provided a quick sneak peek at each during their initial announcement back in June, but now that they’ve become officially available to brides-to-be, there’s a whole slew of new photos that have been released.

As with the anime, the star of the show here is the Sailor Moon dress, which evokes the titular heroine’s tri-color sailor suit costume.

If that’s a bit too colorful for your tastes, though, you can dress down the dress by removing some of the frills and accouterments, though it’s still elegantly opulent in its all-white configuration.

▼ Note the crescent moons and Sailor Senshi planetary insignia on the skirt.

▼ The Sailor Moon dress can also be worn in an off-the-shoulder style.

But Sailor Moon is just one identity of the series’ protagonist. There’s also Princess Serenity, whose aristocratic status is reflected in her Empire waist dress.

While the design is pretty understated from the front, it’s a different story around back, where the boldly oversized ribbon and lengthy train will leave a lasting impression on everyone seated in the chapel and watching from behind as you walk towards the altar.

And then there’s Sailor Moon’s other alter ego, ordinary schoolgirl Usagi, whose slips on a gown like the one scene here in the final scene of the Sailor Moon manga as she ties the know with her one true love Mamoru.

Of course, since he’s an anime character who’s always dressed in wedding-formal attire, Mariarosa also has Tuxedo Mask tuxedos – two styles, actually, starting with the Tuxedo Mask version, a recreation of his standard outfit.

Or, if the bride is donning the Usagi wedding dress, her groom can opt for Mamoru’s tuxedo from the same scene.

In addition, there’s also a trio of dresses meant to reception options, as it’s customary for Japanese brides to change out of their wedding gown at some point after the ceremony.

▼ The Five Sailor Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon Image Dress’ multi-hue pattern represents all of the Inner Senshi and their pint-sized junior member, and once again features their planetary insignias.

▼ The Outer Solar System Image Dress, also known as the Four Outer Senshi Image Dress, features the images colors of the second wave of Senshi, Sailors Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

▼ And last, the Luna (Princess Kaguya’s Lover Version) Image Dress, commemorating that one Sailor Moon storyline where mentor cat Luna transformed into a human

As is often the case with wedding gowns in Japan, the dresses are being offered as rentals, not for purchase. The plus side to that, though, is that no one would go to the expense of buying a wedding dress unless they were actually getting married, renting one of these for a romantic photo session, or maybe to renew your vows with the special someone you married years ago, would definitely make for a memorable experience.

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Source: Mariarosa via IT Media
Images: Mariarosa
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