The awesome power of nature makes for an awesome sight.

For most of us, it’s a bummer to spend all week grinding away at work or school only to check the forecast for the weekend and see that the weather is going to be lousy. That was the situation Tokyo found itself in last weekend, with meteorologists saying rain was on its way.

But while wet weather can ruin your plans for a an afternoon at the beach or in the park, the conditions turned out to be perfect for Japanese photographer and Twitter user @yasufumi_photo. With lightning storms arriving in the capital on Saturday night, @yasufumi_photo grabbed his camera and pointed its lens towards the Tokyo Skytree, taking the incredible photos seen here.

At 634 meters (2,080 feet) tall, the Skytree is the tallest structure in Tokyo, and @yasufumi_photo was in just the right place at just the right time to capture both the light of its spire and the flashes of electricity streaking across the sky.

Because of the tower’s height, people in Tokyo are used to regularly catching glimpses of it during their daily lives. Few of them have ever seen it like this, tough. “If feels like something from a video game world,” tweeted @yasufumi_photo with the photos, and other Twitter users added their own comparisons to places from beyond reality.

“This is totally where you fight the last boss.”
“There’s an angry demon up there,”
“It’s like a shot from a Godzilla movie. Is King Ghidorah about to make his entrance?”
“Reminds me of the “Tower” tarot card.”
It’s the Dragon’s Nest [from Studio Ghibli anime Castle in the Sky]!”
“It looks like the Skytree is about to blast off for outer space.”

As for how he took the amazing photos, @yasufumi_photo says he was shooting without a tripod, and taking the photos 20 to 30 seconds apart.

The Skytree shots aren’t the only breathtaking photographs he’s taken recently either…

…and he’s also got an eye for finding the beauty in smaller street-level scenes too.

But with late summer often being thunderstorm season in Japan, maybe we’ll see lightning strike twice with more rainy day photos from @yasufumi_photo before we get into autumn.

Source: Twitter/@yasufumi_photo via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@yasufumi_photo
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