At Tokyo DisneySea, there’s a special theater-style attraction called Turtle Talk where you can ask questions in real time to Crush, everybody’s favorite East Australian Current-surfing sea turtle from Finding Nemo. 

Sounds fun, if not a bit like a generically staged Q&A session, right? However, audience members during a recent talk were in for a bit of a surprise when Crush shared an unexpectedly profound piece of wisdom in response to a young woman’s question.

Turtle Talk is located inside the S. S. Columbia Undersea Observatory, which is itself found in the American Waterfront section of Tokyo DisneySea.

▼ An illustrated sign outside the ship makes it easy to find.



Talks last approximately 30 minutes and consist of audience members asking Crush various questions, and then receiving his answers in real time. You can view a short promotional clip of the exhibit below:

While the video depicts a number of children and their families interacting with Crush, it seems that even young adults sometimes seek answers from the animated turtle. Take this young woman, for instance, who ventured to ask Crush something decidedly more complex than “What do sea turtles eat for dinner?”:

“At the Turtle Talk.

A 20-something-year-old woman asked, ‘Something terrible happened at work. What should I do?’

Crush answered, ‘Have a big heart. The magnitude of the bad thing won’t change, but you can shrink it by having an even bigger heart.’

What a deep reply! All the adults in the audience applauded him.”

Japanese net users, perhaps being a more cynical bunch, seemed split about Crush’s profound wisdom: 

“To put it in other words: ‘You don’t have enough guts.'”

“I told that to my girlfriend, but she said, ‘Are you saying that I don’t have a big heart?’ and then we got into a fight!”

“Straight out of the manual.”

“The actor doesn’t have time to look it up in the manual on the spur of the moment. It’s pretty impressive that he could answer so eloquently.”

“Beautiful. I want to make the answer more succinct and say it as a daily mantra.”

Who knew that an animated sea turtle could give such great life-coaching advice?

Sources: Hachima Kiko, Tokyo Disney Resort
Images: Tokyo Disney Resort