Super-fan celebrates character’s birthday in grand style.

With Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s anime TV series airing its last episode in 2019 and its manga wrapping up in March of this year, you might think fans of the franchise don’t have much on their calendar between now and October 16, when its theatrical feature premiers in Japan. But like any thoroughly thought-out series, Demon Slayer has official birthdays for its core cast of characters, and on Thursday its official Twitter account sent out a reminder that September 3 is timid yet kindhearted Zenitsu Agatsuma’s b-day.

▼ Zenitsu, pictured on the right

And sure, that new illustration is a nice preset for Zenitsu, but it pales in comparison to the display of devotion from Japanese Twitter user @tsutomu_0822, who celebrated Zenitsu’s birthday like this.

Not only has @tsutomu_0822 amassed an enormous collection of Zenitsu pins, plushies, and posters, the fan has taken the time to arrange it with precision that goes beyond being merely artistic and borders on architectural. Yes, there’re a lot of duplicate items, but even a quick glance reveals more than 20 different types of merchandise.

▼ Check out how the display continues onto the ceiling.

A lot of anime fans with multiple pieces of merch for the same character will call the shelf where they display it a “shrine,” but here that description feels particularly appropriate, as there’s such a concentration of geometrically arranged Zenitsu stuff that it really does feel like religious idols lining a sanctuary, as pointed out in online reactions that also included:

“Just imagining how much work went in into this makes me weak at the knees.”
“So! Much! Yellow!”
“Whoa…and I mean that as a compliment.”
“I feel so happy to be able to gaze upon this.”
“It’s like an altar in a Buddhist temple.”
“I’d like to make a pilgrimage here. It feels like my prayer would be answered.”

Oh, and Zenitsu doesn’t appear to even be @tsutomu_0822’s absolute favorite anime character, as that honor seems to go to volleyball series Haikyuu’s Tetsuro Kuro, for whom @tsutomu_0822 has a shrine that’s at least equally impressive.

It’s hard not to notice that that’s a lot of space devoted to anime merch, even if perhaps the two collections aren’t on display simultaneously. But hey, if you love a character enough to acquire that many visual reminders of them, than this is an interior design theme that’s hard to beat.

Source: Twitter/@tsutomu_0822 via Hachima Kiko
Images: @tsutomu_0822
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