The line is adorable, and has a perfect name to match!

What do you think of first when you think about Totoro? The Studio Ghibli mascot has many great features — a big, fluffy tummy, huge beady eyes, cute twitchy ears, and the knack to pick up the cutest things imaginable. But he also possesses a gigantic jaw that opens up very, very wide. All the better to bellow loudly with!

A new product line on sale at Studio Ghibli’s tie-in store Donguri Kyowakoku (Acorn Republic) is taking inspiration from that oversized maw with their new line of pouches, purses, and shoulder bags titled Pachitto Pakatto. Pachitto is an onomatopoeia for the satisfying click made by the clasps on bags or purses like these, while pakatto is an adverb that means “with your mouth gaping wide open”. If you open up the bag, maybe it’ll remind you of Totoro opening up his great big chops?

There will be nine variants in total to buy, divided by function and color, but they all have one thing in common: the adorable clasp, fashioned to look like a Mini Totoro and an acorn. First of all is the mother-and-child clasp purse, which is one purse with a special middle compartment. It’s a typical adult-sized purse, with a clasped compartment in the center that’s perfect to keep coins in. They come in three different fabric variations which each stars Totoro in some way; one is a simple coffee-colored print of Totoro, the next portrays Totoro and Mini Totoro sitting amongst acorns and leaves, and the last is a cute patchwork design that shows the Totoro gang in single file.

▼ This version costs 2,860 yen (US$25).

Next up are the pouches, made in the same fabric variants as the purses. These colorful little clasp bags are the perfect place to store makeup, stationery, or any other cute little trinket you might want to squirrel away in safety. They’re a little cheaper than the purses, too — they cost 2,530 yen. Just like the purses, they’re lined on the inside with bright jewel tones.

Last, but certainly not least, are the shoulder bags. These bags come with a stylish strap to secure them to your body, and unlike the above versions, the fabrics are reversed! You can peek inside to see the cute patterned fabric, while the outer fabric is a solid color with a tiny Totoro pal stitched on the front. The one exception is the coffee-colored Totoro fabric, which replicates the style seen in the other pouches. the shoulder bags are a bigger investment, costing 4,400 yen each, but how can you say no when they look so stylish?

▼ Add a little Ghibli sparkle into your daily outfit!

Many of the bags are already sold out on Donguri Kyowakoku’s online store, but you may have better luck at one of the 39 physical locations across Japan. Good luck securing a bag if you’re seeking one out, and maybe you can pick up some delightful soot sprite erasers while you’re there!

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Source, images: PR Times
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