A no-wait way to get your fried chicken take-out fix.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan is always willing to spruce up its eat-in dining experience. For example, the company has all-you-can-eat KFC buffet restaurants for those who follow the more-is-better philosophy, and for those who feel alcohol is better, a special branch that serves craft beer.

But KFC’s latest innovation is for its take-out customers, as the chain is introducing fried chicken pick-up lockers in Tokyo and two neighboring prefectures.

The lockers are for use with the chain’s online order/payment app. When placing your order, you can set a pick-up time as well, and if you opt for the locker service you’ll be given a four or five-digit numerical access code.

Simply show up at the KFC branch at the designated time, punch in the code, and the locker door will swing open like a treasure chest revealing your bounty of fried bird.

▼ Cue the Legend of Zelda “treasure found” music.

With your bill already settled through the KFC app’s cashless payment system, the fried chicken lockers allow you to get your to-go order with zero waiting time.

▼ The system in action

The app is even synched to allow you to forward your code to Uber Eats or other food delivery services if you’re not going to be making the trip to KFC yourself.

Currently the pick-up lockers are installed on a test-run basis at KFC’s Shinjuku Nishiguchi and Nakano branches in Tokyo, as well as its Mizunokuchi (Kawasaki) and Minami Urawa (Saitama City) locations. With cashless payment, delivery services, and non-contact pick-up all more popular than ever, though, we might see more restaurants adding them to make service workers’ lives easier and help us all eat fried chicken as quickly as possible, which sounds like a definite win-win.

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Source: PR Times

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