What’s not to love when the world of fashion is also your sushi?

Back in 1961, the All-Japan Sushi Association declared November 1 to be Sushi Day in Japan. In honor of that day, sushi fabric brand Maison Sushi (メゾン寿司) recently added some new arrivals to their lineup of sushi-themed accessories and articles of clothing. The items are subtly stylish in a way that wouldn’t necessarily scream “SUSHI!” to passersby but are immediately recognizable once you know what to look for

▼ Maison Sushi describes them as “Sushi goods that blend into everyday life.”

Maison Sushi came about with the help of Tanabe Orimono, an established textiles maker with over 70 years of history located in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture (fun fact: Yamanashi is supposedly the prefecture with the highest number of sushi restaurants relative to its population in Japan). The company is revered for its high-quality fabric used in kimono obi and zabuton pillows and particularly for a technique called “gold brocade weave.”

Let’s take a closer look at the goods, shall we?

Card and coin cases (3,200 yen [US$31] each)

These small cases are perfect for storing business cards, point cards, transportation cards, and small amounts of spare change. Each case measures 115 x 70 millimeters (4.5 x 2.8 inches) and includes a bright green snap button to mimic a dab of wasabi.

The six newly featured cases are:

Akami (lean tuna)

Toro (fatty tuna)

▼ Salmon

Perhaps the most visually interesting new additions are the aji (horse mackerel), ika (squid), and hamachi (yellowtail) ones. They’re notable for their incorporation of lamé thread, which lends a sense of transparency and glistening fish scales to the fabric.

Aji (horse mackerel)

Ika (squid)

Hamachi (yellowtail)

Next, we have three new sushi shoulder bags (5,500 yen each). These bags measure 230 x 180 millimeters (9.1 x 7.1 inches) and are equipped with sturdy straps to sling over your shoulder.

The surface of the white fabric closely resembles the bumpy texture of vinegared rice used in sushi. This is some fine craftsmanship–but don’t be tempted to dunk your bag into soy sauce!

The three newly featured bags are:

Akami (lean tuna)

Toro (fatty tuna)

▼ Salmon

Finally, check out these sweatshirts with sushi-inspired breast pockets (7,000 yen each). Coming in gray or navy with sizes from S-XL, they display a subtle appeal for all sushi lovers who value comfort as well.

Preorders for all of the above goods are being taken on the Maison Sushi online store. In more news of objects masquerading as sushi, don’t let your eyes deceive you if you happen to come across this sushi cake.

Source: Maison Sushi via PR Times
Images: PR Times
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