local specialties

Mikan Gohan: Japanese soul food or…Japanese myth?

An odd local specialty that’s surprised the nation. 

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Insider tip leads us to one of the best obento lunchbox finds in Japan!

Value-for-money bentos so good we were tempted to keep the secret to ourselves.

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Pringles unveils new regional-exclusive flavour in Japan

Tokai soul food in a can.

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To celebrate their birthday, Uniqlo are giving customers presents with their purchases

Getting presents on someone else’s birthday? It’s like a reverse birthday!

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Locust and wormwood soft serve ice cream now available in Japan!

Can you guess which prefecture is serving up the local speciality?

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Japanese Twitter hashtag warns: “Dis this in my prefecture and you’re going to hell”

There’s some things you just don’t do when you visit other places. You wouldn’t go around dissing the champagne in France, the pyramids in Egypt, or the Red Sox in Boston. Disrespecting a town or country’s claim to fame is liable to get you glares and maybe even fists from the locals.

And the same thing goes for Japan. Each region is very protective of its local specialties, so much so that they’ve created a Twitter hashtag to show everyone exactly what they should be wary of disrespecting if they visit.

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