Come for the meals and drinks, take home the gorgeous trinkets designed by an up-and-coming fashion artist.

Few series have the long-lasting popularity as Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon. Protagonist Usagi Tsukino and her friends have won themselves a loyal fanbase over the years, and are earning new fans all the time due to the recent spate of anime and movie versions based on the classic manga.

The most recent of these, Sailor Moon Eternal, is a two-part movie scheduled to hit theaters this coming January and February. The promotional cycle has teased voice actors and merchandise to get fans excited for the new movie — and one of the most exciting promotional campaigns is a brand new installment of the Sailor Moon collaboration cafe, set to open in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Okinawa, and Hokkaido.

The six cafes, two in Tokyo and one each in the other aforementioned areas, will open in stages:

Tokyo Solamachi: December 24 2020 to February 21 2021
Tokyo Shinjuku Lumine Est: January 1 2021 to February 28 2021
Nagoya Box: December 24 2020 to March 7 2021
Osaka Abeno Contact: January 7 2021 to February 21 2021
Okinawa Box: January 8 2021 to February 28 2021
Hokkaido Coach&Four Shinkawadoori Interlude: January 2 2021 to March 14 2021

Any diner who books their seat in advance and spends at least 650 yen (US$6.23) will receive a complementary mask case in one of six random designs. Those who order a drink will also receive a complementary card coaster, from a selection of eleven random designs. Fingers crossed you get your favorite character’s design!

The food is meticulously designed, representing not only the characters’ actual culinary tastes but balanced with decorative garnishes and touches of relevant color. 1,399 yen (US$13.43) plus tax will net you many of the main dishes on the meal and dessert menu, including the Yogurt Bowl with a Surfacing Rabbit Moon, Ami’s Aqua Sparkling Parfait, and Rei’s Vivid Salmon Chirashizushi.

Continuing through the line-up of sailor soldiers we have Makoto’s Pastrami and Salad Open-Faced Sandwich, Minako’s Love and Beauty Curry – fittingly peppered with red love hearts – and Chibi Usa’s Crystal Carillon Pudding Sandwich, which takes the form of her beautiful big bell-shaped Crystal Carillon.

The “I Hope The Four of Us Can Stay Together Forever” Stew Set comes with a salad and representations of the four scouts in question: Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. Mamoru’s Golden Seafood Pilaf is decorated with his mask calling card. Meanwhile, the cafe pays homage to Chibi Usa’s Pegasus friend, a key character in Sailor Moon Eternal, with the “Young Lady…” Pegasus Cupcake (priced a little more cheaply at 899 yen.)

Also priced at 899 yen is Luna’s Black Sesame Paste Donut, resplendent with black kitty ears and a charming floral garnish, and for the pricier 1,599 yen you can enjoy a Moon Crisis Milk-Crepe! that resembles Usagi’s compact.

There’s also a special Amazon parfait that starts in one form and then changes on February 11, 2021. Priced at 1,299 yen, each cafe will initially serve the Amazon Triplet Tri-Color Parfait. Then, after the date passes, a new member joins the troupe: you can order the Amazon Quartet Four-Color Parfait, with a brand new design to match.

It wouldn’t be a fancy collaborative cafe without a gorgeous line-up of drinks. 899 yen will purchase one of these lovely, jewel-toned Eternal Sodas in Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto, and Minako’s thematic colors.

For an extra 100 yen, you can upgrade to Chibi Usa or Hotaru’s Eternal Jelly Soda and enjoy a more textured drinking experience.

And of course, the Outer Senshi are here too. Michiru, Haruka and Setsuna each have a delightful hot tea set in their palettes — Michiru’s tea set is green tea, Haruka’s is chamomile, and Setsuna’s is roasted green tea. Each of these drinks also costs 899 yen.

Mamoru’s Cafe Latte, served with Chocolate (999 yen) and Pegasus’ Mysterious Drink (899) round out the hot beverages. If you’d rather take your drink to go, you could purchase the Eternal Memories Pink Calpis in its beautifully designed flask for 1,699 yen.

The flask isn’t the only keepsake you can find at the cafe, either. Sailor Moon has teamed up with LGBTQ fashion icon Wataru Linda Igarashi to produce a line of pretty pastel-tone merchandise that any Sailor Moon fan worth their salt will want to get their hands on. Badges, keychains, coasters, and decorative stands are a given, but the real gems of this line-up are the pretty accessories, stationery, and fashion items.

The two designs of beautiful tea-sets, on sale from February 1 and each priced at 9,800 yen, are bound to fly off the shelves faster than a pegasus beats its wings; and we imagine the grey hooded sweater emblazoned with the film’s logo, costing 5,800 yen, won’t last much longer.

The cafe will also be following social distancing guidelines. Reserve your seat and pore over the available wares at the official Sailor Moon Cafe website, and then plan how best to coordinate your outfit to attend. And don’t forget to book your tickets to the movie itself, too!

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Source, images: PR Times
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